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Minna Tran

As the daughter of two Vietnamese restaurant entrepreneurs, Minna Tran knew her way around the kitchen from an early age. Her love of the flavours she grew up with, paired with her “sharing is caring” attitude to food, eventually made Minna’s own kitchen a favourite spot for friends to enjoy delicious, authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Seeing her friends’ enthusiasm, but also their stressful lives, Minna realised that people would love to cook this kind of food themselves – if they just had the time, and a little help. After endless experimenting in her kitchen, PanicSupper was born. The mission: to introduce genuine Vietnamese street food into people’s homes and hearts – in a simple, healthy and affordable way.

Today, Minna and her team are bringing PanicSupper to kitchens all over Stockholm. Try one out for yourself – or get in touch to find out how PanicSupper can make life easier for you and your co-workers.



Adress and pick-up point: Moa Martinsons Torg 8, 112 16 Stockholm
E mail: info@panicsupper.se
Phone: 0732-333 654

Our story